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Our work takes us to interesting places, and we meet remarkable people. Here are a few insights.

June 2016 -
The Pizza Project at MUiD Kiel
1 Week, 24 Students, one goal! Buon Appetito!
May 2016 -
Hello Hamburg!
Ahoi! We have opened our sister studio in Hamburg! Drop in for a chat or a herring bun at> Postlerferguson...
June 2015 -
Platform 17 - Show 2015
Our final year running Platform 17 ends with the best of all finishes! With drone submarines, digital tailors and re-thinkings...
June 2014 -
PF Airways
We announce the launch of PF Airways – the world`s best airline packed with new design solutions making air travel...
October 2013 -
P17 / 2013
For 2013/14, Platform 17 is focussing on electronics in the wild and going wild. We want to turn the usual...
April 2013 -
Mind the Gap
In spring 2013, we took our students from Platform 17 to Taiwan to run a workshop with students from the...
March 2013 -
Designs of the Year Nomination
We are very proud to announce that our work for PapaFoxtrot has been nominated for the Design of the Year...
December 2011 -
Make Future Shops for London
During the autumn half-term break in London’s schools, we asked V&A visitors to create products that they’d like to see...
October 2011 -
Postlerferguson was invited to design the "Freiraum" page of the Austrian "Die Presse" newspaper. Our response was an homage to...
November 2013 -
Make New Oysters for London
If one thing defines Londoners, it is our collective love/hate relationship with our transport system. We ran a number of...
November 2011 -
Make Ping Pong for London
For this day long workshop, we challenged a group of 6th form students to design & make their own ping...
October 2011 -
Make For London
Make for London was a public engagement campaign conducted with the Victoria & Albert Museum as a part of their...
October 2011 -
RCA Platform 17
We are proud to announce that Ian Ferguson and Martin Postler will be the tutors of the newly established Platform...
April 2011 -
London Electric
Why aren't we all driving electric cars in 2010? What happened to the future? We all know by now that...
September 2013 -
PF in Issue 298 of the Blueprint Magainze
The Blueprint Magazine has invited us to work with them on the "Man and Machine" section of issue 289. Check...